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Baby snap clips

Recommended age: Tiny baby up to toddler.

Recommended hair type: "Peach fuzz" baby hair and fine hair of all lengths.

Clip size: 3cm x 1cm.

Clip details: Our dainty ribbon lined snap clips have a very tight snap which holds tightly onto hair. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear and are specially designed to stay in very fine baby hair.

They're also suitable for hair of all lengths as long as it is not too thick. If your little one has thick hair, it may be better to try our pinch alligator clip style.

Non slip grip information: Baby clips are now available with an optional non slip grip which gives them even more staying power in very fine hair. 


Mini pinch clippies (alligator clips)

Recommended age: Babies with thicker hair up to toddlers.

Recommended hair type: Thicker baby hair of all lengths (as long as they have enough hair to clip onto!)

Clip size: 3.5cm x 1cm.

Clip details: Our mini alligator pinch clips simply pinch open at one end and slide into the hair. They are smaller single prong versions of the big girl pinch clippies and are lined with grosgrain ribbon. The perfect clip if your little one is outgrowing baby snap clips but is not yet ready for the larger size pinch clippies.

Non slip grip information: All alligator pinch clips come with a specially developed non slip grip inside to prevent them from sliding out of hair.  

Big Girl Pinch clippies (alligator clips)

Recommended age: Toddler to adult (or babies with thick hair).

Recommended hair type: Any hair types except fine baby hair.

Clip size: 4.6cm x 1cm

Clip details: Our double prong alligator pinch clips simply pinch open at one end and slide into the hair. They will hold even thick hair. They are heavier than our snap clips so are not recommended for babies or toddlers with very fine hair. They are lined with grosgrain ribbon.

Non slip grip information: All alligator pinch clips come with a specially developed non slip grip inside to prevent them from sliding out of hair. 

Fringe Clips/Alligator clips with teeth

Recommended age: Toddlers with thicker hair to adult.

Recommended hair type: Thicker hair. If your child has very fine hair, please use our "non teeth" clips which will be more confortable to wear.

Clip size: 4.5cm or 5.5cm

Clip details: This is the newest type of clip and trials have so far found that it is even better at staying in hair than the original big girl pinch clippies. They come in two sizes depending on the bow size/type. The 5.5cm one is especially good for very thick hair and will hold more hair than the original clips. As they have teeth, a non slip grip is not required. Please note that as the clips have teeth, they are not suitable for fine hair as they may be uncomfortable to wear. 

Non slip grip Information

I'm delighted to be using a new silicone non slip grip which has been specifically developed for use in hair clips. They are 100% safe for use in children's products and provide AMAZING staying power in hair. Daisy Dots mini and big girl pinch clippies come with a non slip grip as standard and they are available on snap clips as a free optional extra.


Left or Right Side?

This refers to which side of the child's head the clip will be worn on - NOT the left or right side when looking at them!


Stretch headbands

Recommended age: Age varies by style. Some are only available in baby/toddlers sizes and some styles are available from baby to adult. Please see individual styles for sizing information.

Recommended hair type: All hair types from baldy babies to adults with thick hair!

Headband sizes available: Please note that these are actual headband measurements and are made to fit average head sizes within these age groups. As head sizes vary hugely in babies and children, you may have to go up or down a size. Please measure around the child's head where the headband would sit and then choose a headband size approx. 1" smaller than the head circumference. If you need any help or advice on which size to order, please e-mail me and I'll be happy to help!


NB/3m -34cm

3m/6m - 37cm

6m/12m - 40.5cm

12m/12yrs - 44.5cm

12yrs/adult - 47cm


NB/3m - 32cm

4m/12m - 38cm

12m/3yrs - 43cm

3yrs/adult - 46cm

Headband details: Our stretch headbands are made from a variety of stretch materials and elastics. Please see individual styles for details.

Interchangeable headbands: are plain headbands with either a ribbon or elastic loop. Hair clips can be attached through the ribbon loop. Great value for money as they can be mix and matched with different clip styles. Any clip on the website can be used with these headbands. 

Nylon Stretch Headbands

Recommended age: newborn to adult. One size fits all!

Headband details: Approx. 5-6mm wide (when unstretched) these soft nylon headbands will fit any size head, from newborn to adult and will bounce back to their original size after being stretched. They are extremely comfortable to wear and won't leave marks on the head.

Solid Headbands

Recommended age: Toddler to adult. Not recommended for babies.

Recommended hair type: Any!

Headband widths available: 7mm, 9mm & 12mm (headband width varies between styles).

Headband details: Solid headbands are made from strong solid plastic which has been neatly wrapped in grosgrain ribbon. Ends of headband are completely enclosed with ribbon.


Soft and stretchy nylon ponio bands are "ouch-less" and won't damage hair and because there is no seam or join, they won't break or pull apart. They are available in 2 sizes to to accommodate small children and big girls/adults.
Also small ponios are handy for big girl's pigtails/bunches and large ponios for ponytails.

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